You feel that the world owes you a living. A paladin lives by honor, a warrior follows commands, a cleric leads through their patron’s dogma; but for you the only code is the contract, and your only honor is measured in gold. You have honed unpredictable and undisciplined ways of fighting, decimating your enemies before they even bat an eye. Only a few individuals can match your expertise, but none your cunning and deception.








Thief's Life

Gain +1 AGI and +1 INT. You are trained in Stealth skill. Also, you are trained in two of the following class skills: Acrobatics, Adaptability, Deft Hands, Find Traps, Open Locks, Poison Use and Set Traps.

Sneak Attack

Whenever you roll with an advantage during an attack roll, add an extra d6 ATT.

Quick Learner

Whenever you acquire a new node with the descriptor skill gain 5 XP (personal). Whenever you acquire a new node that has the keyword expert, master or trap gain automatically the first upgarde for free.

Expose Weaknerss

The next ally’s attack against an enemy that you have just damaged with Sneak Attack is rolled with an advantage.

Trap Senses

Your cunning senses alarm you of nasty traps and devious impediments during your adventuring. You and another ally of your choice roll with advantage against any trap effect.

Charmer's Way

During the reaction phase with a humanoid creature you may modify by +/-1 the reaction die toward a flee option or a non-violent one.

Killing Spree

Whenever you defeat an enemy with Sneak Attack, perform a free attack with your Sneak Attack dice on another enemy.

Jack of All Trades

You add +2 bonus on all your attribute and skill checks. Also, you are eligible to roll on any skill even those that you are not trained.

Master at Something

Through intense practice you have honed a particular set of tricks. Choose a node with the descriptor master from any of the Spheres, even those that are not available to you, except Class Spheres. You gain that node regardless of requirements.

Black Network

Your notoriety of a ruthless and dangerous individual is well spread across the lands. Whenever you settle in Van-Varos or other settlement, many are the secret meetings with personas from all castes and races, seeking your counsel, your elite line of work, or even protection. You have become a part of the Black Network, and not just a mere member, but the one who pulls the strings. Once every new campaign phase, if you are at a settlement, gain immediately 100 galieri from bribes, extortions and other illicit trades. Furthermore you may gain up to two upgrades from the following list.

Learn a couple of secrets. You gain uncanny insight into your new Adventure, changing the result in any of your die rolls to a facet of your choice. Can be used twice per Adventure.

Black Market. Draw a Wondrous item that can be purchased at three quarters of its original price.

Polypragmatic. Rumors, ciphers, careful hidden lore are all an open book to you. On a chosen check regarding a Rumor you automatically succeed at any attribute, skill or save check. The benefit expands to all allies.

Unaparallel Finesse. By meddling with strange and poweful individuals you have developed a very particular set of skills, skills that you have acquired over a very long career, skills that make you a person that can succeed at anything. You are trained in all your class skills and gain advantage and die increment in any skill roll.

Marvellous. Gain a die increment in a roll. It can be assigned to attack / defense /sneak attack / save / attribute / skill. Once assigned, the choice is permanent.

Leader of Rumormongers. Spawn a Rumor on a random Region.