You are the divine representative of your deity. As a conduit of the celestial power, you are called to serve, sometimes beyond the mortal fabrics of understanding, employing thaumargic rituals, miracles and prayers of divine blessing and healing. Chosen to fulfill a higher calling, you take up the arms and mantle of zealotry, becoming a menacing figure on the battlefield.






Annointed Minister

Gain +2WIS. You are skilled in Theology and your class skills are: Alchemy, Demonologia, Cosmic Lore, Herbalism, History, Medicine and Undead Lore. Also, you may use Mend Wounds spell. Before you start adventuring as a cleric, you must choose your patron deity.


Choose a skill from your class skills.

Blunt Conviction

 Gain attack bonus with all melee bludgeoning weapons.

Healer's Mercy

The healing potential of Mend Wounds increases.

Pious Defender

While defending against your engaged enemy, gain a die increment on your defense roll.


 Your deity grants you power.

Ares – You may use any weapon in combat.

Elegos – All your healing spells heal one additional HP.

Faedona – Once per milestone, as an action you may pass a WIS check against target’s will to charm it until end of next round. The target must have beast, animal, fey keyword. This action is not considered a spell.

Hecate – Once per Adventure, as an action you may touch an adjacent target and inflict it unavoidable damage equal to your WIS. This action is not considered a spell.

Hemmon – By expending a Mend Wounds charge, as an instant action you may add 1d8 prior to the result of any roll. This action is not considered a spell.

Hoar – If you wield a shield, once per combat add your WIS to one defense roll.

Seven Wisemen – Any Alchemy, Herbalism, Medicine, History and Metaphysics skill is rolled with advantage.

Tyr – All your Law Auras can be active at the same time.

Swift Grace

Bless, Branded Weapons, Bless Weapon, Protection from Evil, Sacred Protection, Bane and To Arms spells become instant actions instead.

Inner Faith

Gain a die increment on all your saves.

Divine Emissary

By spending 500 galieri you may raise a temple dedicated to the worship of your deity in any settlement (place the golden temple sticker on the World Map). Once your temple is raised your deity grants you an additional power. 

Ares – As an action spend a Mend Wounds charge and roll a d4. Then, perform as many atacks as the result of the die. 

Elegos – Whenever you score a critical hit, refresh Mend Wounds.

Faedona – You become ageless, resistant to all elemental damage and your save rolls increase by one die category.

Hecate – You become ageless, immune to necrotic dmg, petrification and weaken. Also, Hecate’s Chosen power becomes useable thrice per Adventure.

Hemmon – All your spells bypass any Spell Resistance.

Hoar – Your defense rolls increase by one die category.

Seven Wisemen – Use your WIS instead of INT on any attribute or skill that requires an INT check. Also whenever you succeed on any atribute or skill gain 5 XP (personal).

Tyr – Any Law spell vs an enemy’s defense or save is rolled with advantage.

Greater Rage

By Calling your inner reserves of Strength and Ferocity you can now enter into a state of Rage.
Your Strength and Stamina increases, as well as you become proficient in both Athletics and Endurance.