to the place that slumbers restlessly beneath dark oceans of myths and legends. Sought by many, feared by all; this land stands on the precipice between the two ends of decadence and redemption. Spurred on tales of fabled riches at the bottom of the sea, artifacts of lost and forgotten epochs, or chased by an insidious past, you chose to become a part of the story. These lands are yours now, and you are bound to them.

Story of Many is a cooperative fantasy adventure board game for 1-4 players about exploring a vast land, combating deadly foes, and delving into mysterious adventure sites. With over 400,000 words of adventure text, and limitless possibilities for creating and advancing your own character, brave a world filled with profound lore and hard choices.
Story of Many emphasizes exploration, storytelling and challenging combat, making it an engaging experience for all board game and table-top RPG fans.

Open-world exploration is a core element of¬†Story of Many¬†designed to capture the sense of freedom and discovery. The world map represents the expansive and interconnected regions of Varda – each with its unique landscape, challenges, and opportunities. These regions include dense rainforests, uncharted islands, desolate ruins, sprawling eldritch cities, and treacherous dungeons. As players progress, they will uncover the game’s intricate lore, and influence the unfolding story. Their choices will lead to different branching paths and outcomes.

Combat is fast, unforgiving, and delivers a fresh experience every time, as the players will pit against more than 200 unique enemies. Combat is resolved using dice and beautifully sculpted miniatures. By defeating enemies and exploring, characters gain experience to develop their abilities. Character development is achieved through a massive, interconnected web of nodes encompassing passive traits, abilities, spells, trigger actions, setting it apart from any other game of the genre. No fighter will ever be the same!